Saturday, May 30, 2015

Is Your Home Protected?

 Around the Home  Good Practices
  • metal or tile roofing
  • chimney above roof line – with proper spark arrester
  • clean roof – no overhanging branches
  • clean gutters – no flammable debris
  • windows – tempered glass, double paned or thermal
  • siding – metal siding, brick or stucco
  • decks – screened in and crawl spaces enclosed with fire resistant material
  • fencing – well away from the house
  • wood stored a safe distance from buildings
  • fuel, paint and other flammable items properly stored in outbuilding
  • skirting around the base of buildings and decks
  • area surrounding buildings is relatively free of combustible materials
  • trees pruned to create vertical separation from the ground
  • trees thinned out creating good horizontal separation
  • clearly visible sign indicating house number at the entrance to the property


   Click here to download a Fact Sheet Checklist

 Around the Home
 Around the Property
 Around the Property